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My Twitter may switch between private and public sometimes, but check it out if it's public and if it's private and you're a friend or acquaintance feel free to send a follow request and I'll accept it!
I post swell pictures on here from time to time, please check it out!
Not much is on here now, but I hope to put some videos on here in the future, I have lots of plans, but who knows how many of them I'll really do!
I post my art on places like twitter, but there's a bunch of stuff on my Newgrounds that I haven't posted anywhere else! Check it out, there's so stuff I think is really cool!
I don't update it super often, but I like to write on my Tumblr blog sometimes, and I'd like to do it more frequently!
Check out my Spotify profile to see cool playlists of my favorite tunes! From neat old music to cool new music!
Me and my Pal Clair's podcast that we post on every week or two! We've had a lot of fun with it so far, and we hope to have a lot more fun with it in the future!
Reddit is pretty dumb usualy, but the Queer Culture Subreddit is swell, and check out my account where I post almost exclusivly on our lit subreddit!
I have a lot of boards on here of really cool old stuff! I haven't been on here in a while, but I really enjoy looking at old images of Ads, Signs, Theme Parks, Etc.