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Welcome to maiseyfrim.com, the official Maisey Frim Website!!! I'm Maisey and on this site I will be posting all kinds of cool Maisey Frim content! I'm coding the site myself so it will probably get some upgrades as I get better with coding but I'm still planning on keeping it in the same early internet style. On this homepage you can find various things such as my weekly video and song recommendations (weekly videos and songs may not come out the same week I recommend them, it's just videos and songs I enjoy that week) as well as a weekly quote and sneak peeks of things me and my friends are working on. On "Maisey's Wall of Links" you can see links to all of my social media accounts (at least the ones I can remember!) I was planning on simply putting the links on the navigation bar, but I realized I have wayyy too many things I wanted to link! On the "About Me" page you can read a short biography about myself as well as see some lists of my favorite things! This is a pretty early version of the site, and I'll be adding new pages, secrets, and exclusive content only available on the site! I'm looking forward to watching the site grow and evolve over time and I hope that I can do a lot of cool stuff with it! Enjoy the site and please have fun!


Maisey's Video of the Week

2pac x The Beach Boys - I Get Around (mashup)

Very cool mashup! I guess this is more of another Song of the Week instead of a video of the week...

Maisey's Song of the Week


Very good weezer style song by internet funnyguy Billy Cobb!

Quote of the Week:

Sometimes a bean is worth a million slurs! -Spider Mohabin